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Bambino Monument


Miguel Vargas Jimenez, Bambino, died on 5 May 1999. He was one of the most charismatic flamenco artists. With a unique artistic style, he was known as the king of rumbas during a few years. His rumbas dethroned the Pescaílla’s funky Catalan rumba with a more suggestive and flamenco sound, and his “bulerías” outshined the boleros by Machín and Gardel. The “rancheras” and other popular genres sang by famous “tonadilleras” took on an irresistible flamenco rhythm.

Bambino’s fame crossed international borders and won him blind advocates. He was proud to sing praises of Utrera when he performed his innovative style at the best theatres worldwide. The monument to Bambino is in Utrera’s Plaza de la Trianilla. He was named the town’s favourite son and has been honoured numerous times. His style has clearly influenced many current artists who follow his example.


Miguel Angel A… 22 Feb, 08:49

Olé su arte inconfundible. Se pusiera en las. Formas de cantar era un genio. Llevó sangre gitana, en cuando pueda iré a utrera a conocer a sus hermanos.

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