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Casa de Postas


This is the oldest building in El Cuervo, from the 18th century. It is located on the right bank of the National Road IV, very close to the provincial border between Seville and Cadiz. The total area of the building is 2,016.40 square metres, of which 1,260 is built-up, and 756.40 are interior courtyards.

This coaching inn was used as a resting point for stagecoaches travelling from Cadiz and Seville to Madrid. A must stop-off for mail carriers and travellers to recover from the long journey and change mounts. 

El Cuervo has always been a stopover, given that the current National IV Madrid-Cádiz road is located on the Via Augusta. This Roman road was used by successive generations as a means of communication. Given that the stagecoach was the customary means of transport, coaching inns became important.

The Casa de Postas has a rural architecture, a mix between post house and inn. It was used both to change mounts and as an inn for travellers.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Casa de Postas was visited by illustrious people of the time, including King Carlos IV and Fernando VII and the Infanta Mª Luisa Fernanda.

El Cuervo’s Casa de Postas is currently used as a cultural centre with a theatre, music rooms and the Municipal Library.


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