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Antigua Real Audiencia


The Real Audiencia of Seville is the body of justice created in 1525, at the time of Charles I, to become a court of appeal among the fragmented local judiciary. It is heir to the previous medieval administration, and its headquarters still stand in the Plaza de San Francisco, although after several interventions over the centuries.

In fact, the origin of the Audiencia dates back to the institution promoted by King Fernando III in 1250, shortly after the conquest of Seville. Already at the end of the 14th century it was installed in the central square, in what was then called Casa Quadra (Square-shaped House) in reference to its spacious rooms and generally square format.

Between 1595 and 1597, the new building of the Audience was built in the Renaissance, although hardly a decade went by before it was necessary to intervene on it to adapt it to the layout of the square. Alonso de Vandelvira was in charge of these works, inaugurating a long series of modifications. However, the demolition of the prison that included the complex was more drastic, already in the 19th century.

In order to recognise the construction that has come to our days, it must be highlighted the relevant intervention of Aníbal González, author of the Plaza de España and master of regionalist architecture, after the fire that affected the building in 1918.

Finally, in the 1970s, another major refurbishment was carried out to house the headquarters of the former Caja San Fernando, which is now housing the Fundación Cajasol. In this last stage, it was also the provisional seat of the Andalusian Parliament between 1983 and 1985.

In addition to its colourful architecture and historical value, the interest of the former Royal Court lies in an important artistic collection that includes works by authors such as Murillo or Gonzalo Bilbao. It hosts temporary exhibitions and has a stage area where concerts, plays, talks, presentations and other cultural activities are held.


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