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Cuatro Caños Fountain


The fountain is near the Navarredonda stream, on the outskirts of Navarredonda, a village that is believed to have grown up around a livestock resting place on a cattle track in an area of orchards, due to the presence of groundwater on the surface. This is evident from the emergence of the fountain, which is historically linked to the development of this village.

It was built in the 19th century on the site of an old drinking hole. The water flows over a stone wall that divides the fountain into two parts, emerging first from the rear of the fountain. On the front side there is a grid through which you can see where the water emerges.

The main function of the rear part is to supply drinking water through four pipes that protrude from a stone wall. The water that falls from the four jets is conducted through a small channel to the front side of the fountain, which is a rectangular pillar, about 20 metres long by three metres wide, where the fountain served as a drinking trough for livestock.

It is an asset of great historical and ethnological value, being a unique landmark and the point of origin of the village of Navarredonda.


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