Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Hacienda de Quinta


Hacienda de Quinta is located in the old town. The owners have maintained the building to a good standard. The estate is accessed through a small front garden connected to the central courtyard. To the left is the principal residence, built in a rustic vernacular style. Hence, it is thought that it was last rebuilt in the 17th century over the previous structure. The original building must have been very old, given that several Visigoth inscriptions were found on the floor. To the right is a splendidly preserved oil mill, complete with vats, a counterweight tower and five medieval merlons. At the rear is another smaller courtyard more irregular in shape, separated from the former by an entranceway. The overseer and housekeeper’s quarters are behind this entrance, as is the barn for sheltering livestock.



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