Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

La Alberquilla Moorish Fountain


The fountain is of a rustic nature and can be found on the estate of the same name in a setting of great environmental value three kilometres from the town. It is located between the towns of Olivares and Salteras. It can be accessed by the Alcalá road parallel to the road to the Aljarafesa deposits, 1 km from the road from Salteras to Olivares. 

It is a fountain of Moorish origin with a tower in the shape of a niche. It is a vaulted brick building that protects the spring. Its waters are highly appreciated in the area.

There is a somewhat dubious theory that maintains that this fountain is a remnant of an ancient Roman aqueduct leading to the amphitheatre of Italica in Santiponce.

It is currently in good condition thanks to the restoration carried out a few years ago by the Salteras Town Council.


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