Alcalá de Guadaíra

Seville, beautiful and diverse

For many centuries, it was the only source of water for the people. Its remote past and healing powers were already known in Roman times.

This fountain is the ultimate example of civil baroque architecture in Andalusia. It consists of two buildings (1773 and 1789), two medieval cisterns and a pool.

The fountain is of a rustic nature and can be found on the estate of the same name in a setting of great environmental value three kilometres from the town. It is located between the towns of Olivares and Salteras. It can be accessed by the Alcalá road parallel to the road to the Aljarafesa deposits, 1 km from the road from Salteras to Olivares. 

Located in the urban core of El Castillo de las Guardas, the fountain is valuable for its uniqueness and age, which likely dates back to the 16th century. It was the meeting place for the locals. It consists of a circular marble fountain with two pipes, a stone cap and a watering trough.