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La Mezquitilla Fountain or El Moro Fountain


The old Muslim arcade, which dates back to the 12th century, is located in the village of Mezquitilla. It seems to be evidence of the existence of a small Moorish village built around an oratory or Mosque. It is assumed to be from the Almohad period, as it shows clear similarities with other fountains built in the old kingdom of Seville.

The authentically ancient part is the quadrangular area with a pond and a pool carved into the rock and covered with a hemispherical vault, which opens to the outside via the main frontage through two typically Moorish style low semicircular arches. The restoration works carried out have eliminated part of its original appearance; the first being carried out in 1936 by the Town Council, and the second in 1952 with the contributions of the inhabitants. The subsequent works of 1982 and 1994 have attempted to restore the fountain to its former splendour. The original construction is made of whitewashed masonry.

In addition to its use as a source of drinking water for human consumption, a water supply for animals and a laundry, it is believed that it was also used for the ablutions or purification ritual that is performed by Muslims before prayer.

It is an asset of great historical, ethnological and cultural value, being the oldest architectural element in the municipality and the point of origin of the village of La Mezquitilla.


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