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Murillo's birthplace


This house, the Murillo's House, is located at number 8 Santa Teresa street, in the parish of Santa Cruz, and was the penultimate family residence of the artist. Murillo lived there as a painter who was known and admired by the society of Seville at the time, and the workshop where the artist worked during the last years of his life was located there.

Bartolomé́ Esteban Murillo, considered "the best painter of Seville" by the cathedral chapter, developed his life and creative career entirely in his native town, where he was born in 1617 and died in 1682; only a brief stay of a few months in the Madrid court, in 1658, took him away from the Andalusian capital. These circumstances, together with his great skills and his extreme sensitivity, influenced Murillo's ability to capture, like no other artist, the spirit of the Seville of his time.

The Murillo's House is a typical Sevillian house-palace, with two floors and an attic, the rooms of which are arranged around a central courtyard with four galleries and semicircular arches on columns. The building, declared an Cultural Heritage Site on 8 March 1995, has undergone several interventions, especially during the 20th century. However, during the Murillo Year, it has once again become the artist's house, a place in which, through reproductions of his works, cultural activities and workshops, it will be possible to get to know the brilliant creative personality of the artist.

The Murillo's House is also the starting point for the "Following in the Murillo's Footsteps" route which will guide visitors on a journey through 17th century Seville, following in the footsteps of the artist through the most emblematic places of his career. The itinerary is made up of 20 places linked to Murillo's personal and professional life, in which more than 50 original paintings and more than 80 reproductions of his most important works can be seen. We invite you to follow in Murillo's footsteps and discover the creative personality of this exceptional artist.


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