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Convent of San José


The convent of San José del Carmen is located in the heart of the Santa Cruz district, a tourist attraction in the town. As soon as you pass through its door and enters the compass, you are imbued with the spirituality of the Carmelite convent of Saint Teresa. Only one door separates two very different worlds: that of the bustle and the more clichéd mercantilism and that of spirituality and contemplation. A large cross located next to the lathe must be highlighted. A plaque reminds us that it was placed there by St. John of the Cross in 1588.

Saint Teresa wanted her communities to be like a family. She did not want to have a large number of nuns, first establishing a limit of thirteen, which she later increased to twenty-one because of the needs. Thus, she recommended to establish a new foundation. The current community of Las Teresas, as they are affectionately known in Seville, is made up of seventeen nuns, fourteen Spaniards, one Argentine, one Italian and one Japanese. When you approach them, the first thing that strikes you is the young age of many of their members and the happiness of their faces.

Among their works, they bind books, and their artistic bindings are highly valued. Embroidery of liturgical ornaments, as well as trousseaux, towels, table linen, etc are noteworthy. Orders can be placed through the lathe, which can be accessed from Santa Teresa street.


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