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Flamenco Cultural Centre Casa de la Memoria


Since 1998, the cultural managers Rosana de Aza and Olinto de la Obra, forerunners in the promotion and dissemination of the artistic and cultural heritage of Al-Andalus, have been working to encourage the history of the most traditional flamenco and to promote the folkloric tradition of Andalusia, a World Heritage Site.

This Cultural Centre, Museum and Flamenco Stage, which is located in a Casa-Palacio, originally from the 15th century, which housed the old stables of the adjacent Palace of the Countess of Lebrija, offers an intimate space, reminiscent of the old singing cafés, allowing the public to enjoy the closeness of the artists and appreciate the authentic sound of the best flamenco in Seville, and probably, in the world.

For years, Casa de la Memoria has become the most imitated Flamenco Cultural Centre in the world. People from all continents are trying to copy this unique and inimitable model of managing the tangible and intangible heritage of Flamenco art. In Casa de la Memoria, the best artists of the current flamenco scene with a renowned career and prestigious national and international awards hold their performances.

In Casa de la Memoria there is no bar or restaurant service that could interfere with the enjoyment of the performance. Likewise, entry is not allowed for children under 6 years of age. The artists perform without microphones or amplification devices, being able to enjoy a real and authentic sound in an atmosphere that surrounds the audience. During the performance, different styles of flamenco can be heard.

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