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Rivera de Huelva River


The Rivera de Huelva River rises in Badajoz, crosses the province of Huelva and enters the province of Seville through the Sierra de Aracena. Once in Seville, it runs through the towns of El Castillo de las Guardas and El Ronquillo, as well as Guillena and La Algaba, where it flows into the right side of the River Guadalquivir.

The section of the river that flows through La Algaba, before its confluence with the Guadalquivir, has been extensively transformed by numerous gravel pits, which have formed lagoons near the river, surrounded by vegetation. This, together with what remains of a gallery forest of poplars and other riparian species on the Rivera de Huelva, makes this river environment an ideal place for birds to rest and roost. These species include western swamphen, glossy ibis, squacco heron, cattle egret, cormorant, mallard, geese, common kingfisher, black-crowned night heron, jackdaw and starling.

How to get there: From La Algaba take the A-8079 road that connects the Autovía de la Plata (A-66). Immediately after passing the Rivera de Huelva River, take a road that runs parallel to the river, which leads to the EMASESA station.

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