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Casariche Mosaics


Production and sale of hand-made mosaics

The workshop consists of auxiliary craftworkers led by a monitor who coordinates all the tasks involved in the process of making the mosaic. With the learning of this technique, it is possible to obtain mosaics that are very similar to those made by the Romans.

Description of the tour

The visit begins with the Workshop in order to learn about: techniques, tools and utensils used for the production of mosaics and the different types of mosaics that can be produced. It continues with an exhibition where you can observe the works created, types of gifts and customised items. The tour ends at the store, where you can buy any item you like and also make customised orders with professional advice.

Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour

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Opening times

Lunes-Viernes: 7:45-15:15


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