Alcalá de Guadaíra

Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Rivera de Benalija is a small stream in the north of the Sierra Norte Natural Park, which runs along the southwest edge of the municipal district of Alanís. It empties into one of the tail ends of the Pintado Reservoir. This seasonal stream may dry up in the summers with little rainfall.

The various ways in which the so-called Arroyo de las mujeres (Women’s Stream) has been used by the town of Villanueva de San Juan and its inhabitants represents a tour of the history of the town and a barometer of the climate and landscape changes that occur in the area. 

This stream is located in the town of El Arroyo del Salado in the municipality of Pedrera. It is known as the Arroyo del Búho (Owl Stream) or Arroyo del Bujo (you can hear it referred to by both names).

Leaving Pruna via Calle Culata, you cross a small seasonal stream, and beyond El Molinillo, on the right there is a rock where the water falls in a cascade of approximately 25 or 30 metres. It is one kilometre away from Pruna.

At the base of some rocks beside the El Salado stream, there is a spring of sulphurous water that has traditionally been used to cure eye diseases (hence its name) and skin rashes. To visit it, you leave Pruna via Calle Culata and, after El Molinillo, you continue along the gypsum quarry path for approximately 3 km.

This is a spring that has traditionally been used to water vegetable gardens. The aqueduct served to make the water gain height so that it could move the stone used to grind the grain. The construction material used suggests that it was built during the period of Almohad domination, and it was in operation until the late 19th or early 20th century.

A small Roman construction that crosses the stream found on the old road that linked Tarifa and Ronda with Seville. It is very close to the A-376 El Coronil-Montellano road, about 6 kilometres from the town centre.