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El Rubio


El Rubio, crossroads between La Campiña and Sierra Sur

If you wish to enjoy country life, El Rubio is the place for you. This town in La Campiña is ideal for escaping from the daily routine. It is one of the most peaceful rural towns in Seville. Street life is quiet and people are very welcoming. You will love its delicious cuisine based on local produce, especially stews, soups and salmorejo. Its artisan confectionery is famous in the surrounding towns. See for yourself, sampling the delicious sweets made in the two local confectioneries. 

El Rubio used to be a strategic point that connected two large Roman cities: Astigi and Ostippo. The River Blanco that flows through the town was used to regulate trade between the modern-day towns of Écija and Estepa. Indeed, it was known as the crossroads between La Campiña and Sierra Sur.

The one thing you should not miss at El Rubio is its festivals. Aside from the traditional Holy Week, Fair and Pilgrimage, it also hosts the best alternative music festival in Andalusia, Gallape Rock. 

What are you waiting for to discover this town in La Campiña?

Getting to El Rubio

If you come by car from Seville, the best route is via the A-92 motorway. Take the Aguadulce/El Rubio exit and continue along the SE-9205 until your destination.

El Rubio does not have a train station, but you can travel by bus from Seville. Buses regularly run to El Rubio from Prado de San Sebastián Bus Station. 

Getting around

You can explore the streets and discover the charms of this small town on foot. You can also hike or cycle through the countryside.

Reasons to visit

  • Enjoy the tranquillity and tasty cuisine of this rural town. 
  • Enjoy in July the La Campiña Flamenco Festival that has been running for over 30 years. 
  • If you come in summer, take a swim in the lake-size pool open to the public, famous in the neighbouring towns. 
  • If you like alternative music, experience the Gallape Rock festival in September, regarded as the best in Andalusia. 
  • Are you an ornithology enthusiast? Explore the Escalera Lagoon where you will come across unique species. 
  • Spend a fun day snacking at 'El Cruce' recreational area.
  • Try the ochíos, magdalenas and almond sweets typical of this town. 
  • Experience the traditional Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rosario at Cerro de la Cabeza in May.

What to see 

El Rubio's town centre is charming. The town's main monument, the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church stands here. This neoclassical temple was rebuilt after the Civil War. Our Lady of the Rosary, whose pilgrimage takes place in May, presides the altar. After visiting the church, stroll along the town's beautiful streets and enjoy the delicious local cuisine in a bar. Be sure to try the famous sweets made by the two local confectioneries. 

Stroll along the banks of the River Blanco until you reach the Fuente de la Teja, where a small dam exists. You can enjoy a picnic here if you wish. Finally, climb up to Cerro de la Cabeza and admire the Shrine where the eagerly awaited El Rubio Pilgrimage takes place in May. 

Remember that if you visit in summer, you can take a refreshing dip in the lake-size pool of this charming town. 

Places to visit

  1. Nuestra Señora of el Rosario Church


El Rubio is located about 107 kilometres from Seville, in the southeast of the La Campiña. Perched on a hill above the Blanco River valley, the river flows through Seville's Sierra Sur and discharges into the River Genil. Its municipal district borders Écija to the north, Osuna to the west and Estepa to the east.

La Campiña
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