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Pilas, halfway between Huelva and Seville. 

Located in a privileged setting, the Doñana National Park, Pilas is a town in the province of Seville with deep-rooted traditions. Halfway between Huelva and Seville, one can sense the local people’s devotion to the Virgen del Rocío. Its Confraternity is the second oldest one to make the pilgrimage to Almonte. 

The devotion to the Virgen del Rocío is so intense that they even have a replica of this sculpture. It is carried in procession on the last day of June during the Feria de Junio. However, the one tradition that is typical of this town is the ‘Las Carreritas’, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest. It takes place on Easter Sunday and is very popular in the region. If you wish to learn more about this festival, come and experience it. It is sure to amaze you.

As for its cuisine, sample the tostón con bacalao and a stew known as la comida made with chickpeas and beans. These are the two typical dishes of Pilas, as are the table olives and tarta de cuña de chocolate. All you have to do is come and discover it for yourself. What are you waiting for?

Getting to Pilas

If travelling by car from Seville, take the A-49 motorway until exit 16 towards Benacazón. Continue along the A-473 and at Aznalcázar enter the A-474 that will take you to your destination. 

This town does not have a train station, but you can get there by the M-169 bus line from the Plaza de Armas Bus Station in Seville. 

Getting around

Stroll through Pilas’ old town centre. Bring your bike, go hiking or horse riding and explore the beautiful surroundings of Doñana National Park

Reasons to visit

  • Stroll through its old town centre and visit the Shrine to Belén, once an 11th-century Almohad Qubba tomb. 
  • Take a walk through Pilas’ Municipal Park, the green lungs of this town. You will see numerous aromatic plants, a replica of the Alhambra’s lion fountain, two large lakes and a stream.
  • Experience the ‘Las Carreritas’ festival on Easter Sunday, a unique local tradition with processions of the Virgen de Belén and Baby Jesus. 
  • Be sure to come to the ‘Villa de Pilas’ Flamenco Festival in September and experience the best flamenco in the region. 
  • If you are a devotee of the Virgen del Rocio, accompany the Confraternity of the Virgen de Rocío on their pilgrimage. It is the second oldest one, after Villamanrique de la Condesa. 
  • Are you into running? Sign up for the Carrera Popular de Pilas in May, a competition that has been taking place for over 20 years. 
  • Enjoy the Feria in honour of the Virgen del Rocío in June. Watch her image being carried in procession. The original sculpture is in Almonte. 

What to see 

Start your tour of monuments at the Plaza de Belén, in the town’s centre, where the Town Hall is located. This square is home to the Shrine to Belén, whose main altar was built over the 11th-century Almohad Qubba. The sculptures of Our Lady of Bethlehem, the town’s patron saint, and the Gothic style Apostle St James are stunning. 

Head to calle Alfonso X El Sabio to see the Torres de Molino that belonged to the town’s olive-growing haciendas. Today, they are part of the urban landscape. Continue your walk through Pilas and enjoy its lovely streets. Do not miss the stately houses, including that of Juan de la Rosa, Marqués de la Motilla Hacienda or Don Pedro. The first two are privately owned and closed to the public. The latter is today a Historical Archive. 

Another religious building is Santa María la Mayor Church on Calle Párroco Vicente Moya. The central altarpiece is presided over by the Virgin Mary, for whom the temple is named.

This 15th-century artwork was made by an anonymous artist. However, the most beloved sculpture is the Baby Jesus carried in procession during ‘Las Carreritas’ on Easter Sunday. It was made by the sculptor Juan Martínez Montañés. 

Pilas Municipal Park is an ideal place to stroll and relax. It has over 100 plant species, including aromatic plants. It also boasts a beautiful entrance and a replica of the Alhambra’s lion fountain, as well as two lakes and a stream. 

If you wish to enjoy Pilas’ natural surroundings, explore a trail through Doñana National Park.

Places to visit

  1. El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Chapel
  2. Shrine to Nuestra Señora of Belén
  3. Santa María la Mayor Parish Church
  4. Torres de Molino
  5. Pilas Municipal Park
  6. Arroyo de Pilas
  7. Doñana National Park


Pilas is located 33 kilometres from Seville in the Guadalquivir-Doñana tourist region. Its municipal district is nestled between the Aljarafe to the northeast and the Bajo Guadalquivir marshlands to the south. It is also part of Doñana National Park, a protected area. 

46.00 Km²
67.00 m
No. of inhabitants


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