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Seville, beautiful and diverse

Villanueva del Ariscal, land of Aljarafe’s wine

Villanueva del Ariscal is a town in the Aljarafe region, famous for its winemaking tradition. Its fields are covered with gorgeous grapevines from which the best wines in the area are made. Walking through its streets, you will come across century-old wineries and taverns that retain their past flavour.

Valencina de la Concepción, one of the oldest settlements in the Western world

Enjoy the rich heritage and beauty of Valencina de la Concepción, a unique Aljarafe town in the province of Seville. A town in which the remains of one of the oldest settlements in the Western world can be found.

San Juan de Aznalfarache, the ‘Balcony of Seville’

On the edge of Aljarafe, facing the River Guadalquivir, stands this beautiful Sevillian town of Turdetani origin. The ancient city of Osset is now San Juan de Aznalfarache. This cosmopolitan town has developed into a dormitory town in recent years owing to its proximity to Seville.

The 22-km long River Pudio is a tributary that flows into the right bank of River Guadalquivir. It runs through the western part of the province of Seville, crossing the Aljarafe from north to south. The stream rises in the municipality of Olivares and disappears next to the town of Coria del Río. 

The River Guadiamar rises at El Castillo de las Guardas and an affluent on the right bank of the River in the Doñana marshland.

Hacienda Porzuna Peri-Urban Park is located on the left bank of the Porzuna Stream, adjacent to the eponymous estate. It sits on the road connecting San Juan de Aznalfarache with Palomares del Río. The park has a signposted botanical trail that leads through different vegetation zones: holm oaks, cork oaks and gall oaks, Mediterranean scrub, olive trees, Aleppo pines and stone pines.

Espartinas, a town of haciendas and the cradle of bullfighting

Surrounded by farmhouses and haciendas, Espartinas is located in the heart of the Aljarafe region. A town with deep Marian devotion and bullfighting tradition where you will enjoy the kindness of its people.