Seville enchants

Goat farming and traditional cheese making.


Would like to know how lactic cheeses are made? Why are they so creamy? Why they come in so many flavours -from more acidic and fresh to intense and aromatic?

You can find out during your visit to the wellDone Lácticos’ dairy, and you can even taste our cheeses made from raw Florida goat milk, a breed native to the Lower Guadalquivir.

The passion of this small but impeccable dairy products workshop is cheeses, which are made with raw goat milk from the native Sevillian flowery breed of grazing livestock and exclusively use ferments from their own milk.

This is a traditional family cheese factory founded in 2016 and located in the San José Farm in Cazalla de la Sierra. They have their own herd of goats of the Florida breed and make cheese with fresh milk, without colourings and preservatives and with a natural edible rind.

This family-owned cheese factory, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012, has managed to combine tradition and innovation to offer a wide range of products that goes beyond its famous cheese, made without additives or chemical preservatives. It has become a leading business in the area and one with the broadest appeal.