Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Hacienda Santa María


The renovated Hacienda de Santa María is now the seat of a Peña Rociera and a meeting place. Only the olive mill, counterweight tower, one courtyard and a building with small rooms –possibly the miller’s quarters– have been preserved. 

The estate, located in Cortinales Street, limits on one side with the former Hacienda San Rafael, and on the other with Antonio Machado Street. Both haciendas once occupied the entire block. Both former estates have now been developed with new buildings, and the empty plot is used as a car park. 

The current owner of Hacienda de Santa María has restored the mill building and the counterweight tower, preserving the original structure including the wooden crossbeams supporting the roof. Inside are the implements for producing olive oil that serve as decor for the Peña Rociera. 

The press beam was sold to the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in Seville. The brick counterweight tower, built during the baroque period, has a hipped roof resembling a flattened spire. It is decorated with five pinnacles topped with Herrerian-style spheres. The mill’s gabled roof preserves its Mudéjar framework. The estate has a Baroque entrance with a lowered arch on pilasters crowned with a pentice.


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