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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Hacienda Ulloa


The most important buildings of Hacienda Ulloa have been completely renovated and given a new use that bears no relation with its former purpose. It now belongs to the Palomares del Río Town Council, which has assigned different uses to its various buildings. Overall, the complex is a civic and cultural centre. 

The former main residence is thought to date from the late 17th century. The two-storey building has a rectangular plan with two outer bays with a simple staircase that runs parallel to the main façade. The rectangular mill building with its counterweight tower was built later in 1798. The tower stands above the mill, between both buildings, and has a chamber housing the press beam. The tower is crowned with a baroque-style hexagonal spire, eight pinnacles and nine ceramic finials. The old entrance to the mill, shaped like a dismounting yard, is also situated between the two buildings. 

The main façade was completely restored during the renovation works. However, the essential character of the building and of each of its parts has been preserved. The original composition of the main façade, the most elaborate and least altered, has been respected, and the main portal and the entrance to the residence, previously bricked up, have been restored. 

The original entrance to the mill was also restored. The Hacienda’s courtyard has been turned into a public park, Parque de las Moreras, from where the Casa de las Luces, the former main residence of Hacienda de Córdoba, can be accessed. The rear façade has been adapted for the building’s new use.


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