Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

La Fuente Vieja


The existence of Fuente Vieja is documented as far back as the early 17th century, but it may even be before this date. It is likely linked to the foundation of La Puebla de Cazalla as a town.    

Its waters rise with force. Even during the worst drought, the water’s force hardly diminishes. The waters are saline, perhaps because they rise from geological depths where gypsum is abundant, making it unfit for human consumption. It is, however, suitable for horses and cattle that gathered there daily in the morning and afternoon. 

The current fountain is made of brick and is estimated to have been built between 20 and 30 years ago. The fountain was a municipal project that sought to integrate the spring and the surrounding areas into the town’s urban plan. 

This fountain was traditionally situated on the “limes” or outskirts of the town, in an area that is neither countryside nor completely urban. It is both an urban area, and a symbolic spot that combines the chaos of nature and the orderliness of an urban centre. It has literally been a so-called twilight area, barely lit by the gipsies’ candles. For many, the boundary saves the town from external threats. Rumour has it that on harsh winter nights, wolves would come looking for their prey up to this point, but they would not venture any further. 

Today the area is entirely re-urbanised and now has street-lighting, cobbled or paved sidewalks and road signs. The gipsies who settled there are long gone.


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