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San Pedro Street


Osuna has the best-preserved historic centre in Andalusia. In fact, it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1967.

San Pedro Street is the best place to admire the monumentality and obsessive passion of the Dukes of Osuna throughout history. The street is lined with stately houses and palaces that show the evolution of the different architectural styles that existed in Spain. For this, it is considered an open-air architecture museum.

San Pedro Street is a monument of stone and art. This broad and straight street, which begins to slope halfway up its length, is lined with palaces and stately houses of great splendour. Worthy of note are the houses with classicist portals, powerful coats-of-arms and balconies with wrought-iron railings. The jewel of the crown is the Palace of the Marquises of La Gomera, with its imposing façade. Nonetheless, there are other outstanding buildings, including the 18th-century Cilla del Cabildo, the baroque Palacio de los Cepeda, from the same century, which is currently the courthouse, and a countless other houses and mansions of all sizes and styles. Indeed, UNESCO has declared this street one of the most beautiful in Europe.

San Pedro is a picture-perfect that has attracted the interest of important film directors. Scenes from well-known productions, such as 'Carmen' by Vicente Aranda or 'Engaños' by Álvaro Begines were filmed here. Even the Italian director Franco Zeffirelli chose this street to shoot some of the scenes of his film on the Greek soprano Maria Callas, due to its elegance and historical significance.


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