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Gobierno Lagoon


The 20-hectare restored lagoon was declared as a natural reserve on 28 July 1989. Located about 800 metres from the village, endangered species such as white-headed duck, mallard or pink flamingo nest and roost here.

Of the nine lakes that initially comprised the Lantejuela Endorheic Complex, the Gobierno Lagoon is the only one with water all year round. The input of purified water from the town of Lantejuela makes this possible. This favours the gathering of waterfowl during the breeding season in the summer when water is scarce. This great diversity of birds increases with the presence of highly unique steppe birds, such as the bustard, black-bellied sandgrouse and Eurasian stone curlew.

The Gobierno Lagoon has an observatory, a nature classroom, and an information point to make bird watching easier and provide information about this natural environment.

Other notable lagoons alongside the Gobierno Lagoon are Ballestera and Calderón Chica, both protected. Together they form the Complejo Endorreico de Lantejuela Natural Reserve.

Surface area
20.00 Ha

Reeds, tamarisks, reeds and glassworts.


Endangered species such as the white-headed duck, mallard and pink flamingo, purple heron and Moorish coot nest and roost in the peaceful environment of Gobierno Lagoon.


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