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Sierra de Alanís


The Sierra de Alanís is located to the northeast of the province of Seville, bordering the provinces of Cordoba and Badajoz. The entire area belongs to the municipality of Alanís. Given its location in predominantly mountainous territory, between the Western Sierra Morena and the Bembézar-Bajo Guadiato region, it has certain mountain characteristics. However, these are not especially relevant as the maximum altitude is 700 metres, with an average of 550 metres above sea level.

As for the landscape, the forest area is dominated by shrubs and bushes, and occasionally pastures and trees. The areas with gentler slopes and deeper soil are covered with holm oak pastures dotted with cork oaks, bushes and/or shrubs, including rockroses, kermes oaks, wild olive trees, strawberry trees, honeysuckles, lentiscus and heather. The landscape is also populated with riparian vegetation in excellent condition, in particular, brambles, oleanders and Ibero-African shrubby spurge.

It has been declared a Site of Community Interest (SCI) owing to the presence of lynx (Lynx pardina), wolf (Canis lupus), imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti) and black vulture (Aegypius monachu).

Surface area
64.00 Ha


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