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Marshlands, birds and rice paddies: Doñana in the province of Seville. Middle Guadiamar


Doñana stretches across a vast plain between Seville and the Atlantic Ocean. Sun, air, water and mud are the protagonists for hundreds of kilometres around this enormous and uninhabited geological basin, the history of an Andalusia eroded, transported and sedimented here over millions of years.

Described by romantic travellers, inhabited by forgotten communities, transformed by the rice industry and rediscovered by environmentalism, Doñana in Seville has become a discovery for the Sevillians, after centuries of anonymous coexistence, thanks to the curiosity of travellers and the enhancement of the tourist services.

In Doñana, marshlands, meadows, forests, rivers and rice paddies, together with the towns that surround it, form a small universe full of life and biodiversity which, throughout the year, offers the possibility of enjoying the most emblematic, important and well-known natural space of the entire European continent. Moreover, this paradise not only represents an ecological and environmental landmark, but is also a huge capital in terms of sustainable tourism. 

For this reason, we suggest that you delve deeper into this territory and stimulate your knowledge of the culture, history and nature offered by the towns in this unusual paradise. Aznalcázar, Isla Mayor, La Puebla del Río, Pilas and Villamanrique de la Condesa. In the end, we offer you a plan with five proposals to enjoy and get to know this Sevillian setting, a jewel of Europe and a paradise for nature and ornithology lovers.

Middle Guadiamar: a continuous corridor of vegetation and water travels from Doñana to Sierra Morena

The banks of the Guadiamar river are true walks of poplar and elm groves and reedbeds open all year round for pedestrians, cyclists, canoeists or horse riders to enjoy. This river of clean and fresh water joins two different worlds in the province of Seville. Sierra Morena and Doñana. Related to mining since the Romans, to agriculture, fish and flour, an inland beach for traditional bathing..., the middle Guadiamar has many faces.

The Guadiamar can be enjoyed from multiple universes: by bicycle, slowly as a walker, using the paddles of a canoe or as a horse rider, since both the “Entrepinares” Equestrian Centre and the Paraíso Doñana Nature Horse Resort offer you to explore the trails from a horseback perspective.

On the other hand, cycling is a consolidated and popular activity in the trails that surround the course of the Guadiamar along its entire length, and particularly in its middle section. The Guadiamar will provide refreshment and refuge for sportsmen and women, whether for a break, or for the simple pleasure of taking a break to contemplate the views of the countryside and the gallery forest from the area around the Vado del Quema or Buitrago, for example.

The banks of the Buitrago Botanical Garden, the Vado de Valdegallinas or the Roca and la Patera water wheels are testimony to the old flour mills that worked in the area until a century ago. Visitors will hear many songs in the thickets of the riverbanks, silhouettes of birds of prey on the border with the countryside and trees full of aviaries for breeding birds, as the storks and kites do in the holm oaks of the Manchazuhillos meadow.

Navigating through the interior of this corridor of life and history is a whole new experience. The Guadiamar Medio offers the unusual possibility of getting to know a river from the inside through the practice of canoeing throughout the year with the outings organised at the Green Corridor Visitor Centre.

A very popular route for companies dedicated to active tourism in hot air balloons such as Aeronautas, Gloobo or Green Aeroestación is the course of the Middle Guadiamar. They organise periodic trips to show the beauty and breadth of its landscapes. 

Regardless of the option you choose to discover this example of cultural and ecological regeneration, the Green Corridor Visitor Centre serves as a stop and offers information and interpretation for any of these activities. Qualified guides and equipment are at the visitor's disposal in these facilities to enjoy the whole green corridor.

Points of interest
[{"title":"Buitrago Recreational Area","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/buitrago-recreational-area","lat":"37.306072366221","lng":"-6.2613373171208"},{"title":"Guadiamar Visitors' Center","url":"\/en\/what-see-and-do\/natural-areas\/guadiamar-visitors-center","lat":"37.303631","lng":"-6.257068"},{"title":"Centro Ecuestre Entrepinares","lat":"37.305303801353","lng":"-6.2175716498413"},{"title":"Para\u00edso Do\u00f1ana Nature Horse Resort","lat":"37.219889274411","lng":"-6.3156364879394"},{"title":"Vado del Quema","lat":"37.244633315438","lng":"-6.2647658702179"}]


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