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Guadiamar Visitors' Center


Near the town of Aznalcázar, and a short distance from the Guadiamar riverbank is the Visitor Centre of the same name. This is the starting point for a visit to the Green Corridor and its surroundings. Given its privileged location, you can see, from the top of the building, the course of the river nestled in the lush gallery forest, as well as old Roman bridge, witness to the historical and cultural importance of the river and its basin.

The Visitor Centre provides comprehensive information about the meaning and evolution of this protected landscape. Following the restoration work carried out after a mining accident in 1998, the Guadiamar Green Corridor has created an ecological corridor connecting Sierra Morena and Doñana, allowing the movement of species between them.

The visitor will also gain insight into the importance of the varied landscapes that can be found along the Guadiamar, including pastures, pine forests, cereal crops and marshes. The vegetation of these landscapes can also be more conveniently viewed at the nearby Buitrago botanical route and recreational area.

Visitor/interpretation centre


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