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Benamejí Balcony


Another well-preserved balcony is the one known by the name of Benamejí, since it was commissioned by the Marquis of this title, also in the 18th century.

Like the Peñaflor balcony, its purpose was to watch the festivities that took place in the Plaza Mayor. It has a narrower façade than the Peñaflor balcony but is of a similar height. It has a ground floor with arcades and three floors above it with open galleries with arches on columns. The building is topped by a wide cornice, in the centre of which is the coat of arms of the owner's family, the Bernuys, finished off with an openwork crown.

As is typical in Ecija, this building had its façade decorated with murals, of which very significant parts can still be seen.



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