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Castle of Cote


The imposing Gothic castle of Cote was built at the end of the 13th century by order of Alfonso X, and handed over, together with Morón, to the military order of Alcántara in 1297, which led to the creation of commandery in the area.

The castle of Cote was part of a line of fortifications of the so-called Moorish Band along with the towers of Lopera and El Bollo and with the castles of Morón, Aguzaderas and El Coronil.

The fortified complex of Cote consists of two concentric walled enclosures. The outer wall, at an altitude of approximately 300 metres, formed the boundary with the medieval town, and the inner wall, at a higher altitude, protected the castle. Both in the castle compound and in the town, there are remains of habitation, dwellings and abundant archaeological material, especially ceramics. The tower stands on the upper plateau, substantially horizontal, but with enough slope for approach and access, and is surrounded by an irregular wall of greater thickness than the town wall. Its geometry and structure can be seen from the remains that still survive. The tower-chapel has been classified as a four-apse tower, being the only one of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula. It has a four-lobed floor plan and a central square to which four apses have been attached. The central space is roofed by a ribbed vault with the edges concealed by transept arches. 
Works have been carried out for the renovation of the Castle's Wall, for its identification and signage, and for the creation, enhancement and adaptation of an access path.

The landscape of Cote has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in Andalusia.


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