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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Madre de Dios Convent


Built in the 16th century, the Madre de Dios convent is now home to the Hermanas de la Doctrina Cristiana. It has a beautiful cloister with Mudejar and Renaissance features. It is worth mentioning that it suffered a major fire in 1722 and was looted during the civil war, being restored during the 1990s.

The church of this architectural complex has a single nave divided into five sections, which are roofed with barrel vaults with rib arches and lunettes. It also has a chancel with a dome supported by pendentives.
There are two doorways of a similar structure flanked by thick pillars in the right wall. Both have semicircular arches between pilasters, a broken pediment and a niche at the apex. Rising from the foot of the same wall is the belfry, made of brick and consisting of two sections.

The convent is the headquarters of the Hermandad de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno, Santa Cruz en Jerusalén y María Santísima de los Dolores, the brotherhood of that neighborhood of the town that goes on procession on Holy Wednesday.


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