Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Old Cavalry Barracks


The Town Council commissioned the barracks. An inscription on the lintel over the door reveals that construction works began in 1577 during the reign of King Felipe II.

This freestanding building with a square plan occupies a whole block, each side measuring about 35 metres. It consists of four tall bays divided into two floors with an 18x18 metre courtyard in the centre, typical of Castilian courtyard housing, with a five-bay arcade in the lower level. 

These semi-circular, masonry arches have a three-metre span. A cornice above the arches leads to a tall arcade with a wooden roof supported by pillars on bases. A latticework balcony from a later period extends along the arcade.

The current decoration of the courtyard is dictated by the contemporary use of the building, a barrack house. This is evidenced in the pillars adorned with the military coat-of-arms of the Guardia Civil and the national colours. The building has four façades, two of which are concealed due to later additions. The portal used as the building’s main entrance is in pure Renaissance style, also known as Herrenian style. It has an austere stone mould over a wide lintelled opening. The ensemble is crowned with a cornice and embellished with spheres and a gable. The latter consists of Tuscan pilasters on pedestals that frame the inscription mentioned above. The royal coat-of-arms of King Felipe II is emblazoned over the inscription. 


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