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San Pablo Parish Church


San Pablo Parish Church is located in the Plaza de la Iglesia, near the Fuente Vieja and the Arquillo Cultural Centre, in the Sevillian town of Aznalcázar.

San Pablo Parish Church is one of the most beautiful Sevillian Mudejar buildings (14th century).

It consists of three naves with a wooden roof supported by cruciform pillars. The chancel is decorated with a mosaic composed of 15th- and 16th-century tiles.

The façades are from a later period (16th century). The main façade is crowned with quasi-Renaissance battlements, and the Epistle façade has excellent Mudejar plasterwork between the arch and the alfiz mould.

The Mudejar tower, which likely was the minaret of an ancient mosque, is separated from the church. The belfry, built in the last third of the 18th century, is decorated with tiles.

The coffered ceilings and altarpieces of San Pablo Parish Church were lost in a fire in 1932.

Highlights within include magnificent Baroque images, including the Child Jesus and Saint Joseph (Juan Martínez Montañez). There is also the painting “Crucified Christ” (attributed to the studio of Zurbaran), the “Christ of St. Paul” (17th century) in Mannerist style, a significant collection of religious silverwork and books. The Confraternity of Santiago Apóstol has four sculptures by Antonio Castillo Lastrucci.


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