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Casa Fabiola - Mariano Bellver Art Collection


Casa Fabiola in Seville hosts the donation of Mariano Bellver Art The set of works that lead to the donation dates back to 1960, when Mr Mariano Bellver began to work as a collector. The collector has had the idea of continuously improving his collection based on a series of criteria such as seeking out the variety of Sevillian authors and that the subject matter should include scenes of local customs or landscapes. The narrative quality of the painting is another clear selection criterion. 

His predilection for painting is clearly evident in the quantity and quality of the works that make up his collection. He has acquired his collection items from individuals, in national and international auctions, national fairs and in local and national commerce. Among the merchants who have supplied him with the most works is Segundo Pérez, an antique dealer from Seville who specialises in 19th century paintings. 

In relation to sculpture, this is an artistic activity that has been incorporated into his collection at a later date. Among the typology of carvings, the Baby Jesus stands out in number and quality. There are other artistic manifestations, such as and ceramics, acquired mainly for domestic use. 

Another field of his interest is the works made by his grandfather, the sculptor Ricardo Bellver. In this regard, Mr Mariano has been gathering various works, models and sketches on paper, as well as casts of works, among which "The Fallen Angel" stands out. Being the original in the Retiro Park in Madrid, Mr Mariano has commissioned a life-size cast. 

It is worth noting the exceptional state of preservation of the collection, as well as its documentation, both of which were carried out by Mr Joaquín Frías. The collection consists of 567 pieces. It is the largest collection of Sevillian costumbrismo.



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