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Sierra del Agua y Loma de Hamapaga


The Sierra del Agua is located in the north of the Sierra Norte Natural Park and, together with the Sierra del Viento, has the highest peaks in the Sierra Norte. The relief of the Sierra del Agua is also very rugged, with steep slopes of up to 70%. One of the most spectacular peaks in this mountain range is the Loma de Hamapaga, which, at 909 m, offers breathtaking panoramic views from the viewpoint at the summit. 

The vegetation consists mainly of fine scrub, with kermes oaks in the sunny areas and strawberry trees in the shady areas, accompanied by mastic and rosemary in the first case, and olives, myrtle, viburnum and turpentine tree in the second. You can also find arboreal vegetation, such as the small holm oak groves in the valleys of the sierra. 

This area is used for agricultural and farming purposes: mainly olive groves, livestock and some extensive agriculture.

Access is free. The A-433 road, in the direction of Alanís, runs parallel to the Sierra del Agua, which is on the right. At about 7 km from Guadalcanal, there is a turn-off to the right that leads up to the Loma de Hamapaga.



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