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José Antonio Valverde Visitors' Centre


The José Antonio Valverde Visitors’ Centre takes its name from a pioneer in the conservation of the Doñana Natural Area. Nonetheless, it is also known as Cerrado Garrido, a local toponym.

It is located in the middle of the marshes, in the municipality of Aznalcázar. The architecture is similar to the traditional marsh huts. It overlooks a rehabilitated “lucio”, a low-lying depression that holds fresh water, in which varied aquatic fauna concentrate.

This centre engages in detailed studies of subjects related the marsh, one of Doñana Natural Area’s main ecosystems. It collects information on the activities organised by companies operating in the area, as well as on public facilities offered in the area.

The drastic seasonal changes through which these wetlands go through is astonishing. At the beginning of autumn, with the first rains, they begin to fill in, until they are full during winter. However, as temperature rise in spring, they begin to dry out, and vegetation colonises the marshes until they are completely dry in the summer.

It also has the typical marsh vegetation, abundant avifauna and diverse flora. It shows the imprint of changes and human activities in the territory.

Outside the centre are several viewing points for identifying and watching the fauna that concentrates in the “lucio”.

Visitor/interpretation centre


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