Camona Vistas Parador

Seville enchants

The church was built at the expense of Cardinal Delgado and Venegas. The new church was built over the previous parish church that already existed in 1583, being completed in 1777. The building has three vaulted naves.

70 hectares of high-altitude chalky soils and vines with Pedro Jiménez and Garría Fina grape varieties, which produce classic wines, such as mosto, as well as the most innovative wines, all very high quality.

They produce wines with our own grapes and with each variety separately. The winery has all the latest features necessary to produce quality organic wines.

In the Sevillian town of Las Navas de la Concepción you can visit El Lagar, which is a superb example of industrial architecture. El Lagar is an old 16th century oil, wine and grain mill which preserves its cellars with their large buried vats, as well as a large wooden beam, the oldest building of its kind, with a beautiful entrance built by the monks.

The brand "El Clavel" was founded in 1896 in Cazalla de la Sierra, a town of whitewashed houses surrounded by holm and cork oaks in the middle of the Sierra Norte of Seville. It has become a household name, among other things, thanks to the universal fame of its spirits, which have included our famous Anis del Clavel since 1896.

The centre of the Osa Valley, next to the River Villa, which is hidden from the view of passers-by, is of more recent construction, from the 15th to the 18th century. This area is made up of wider streets, adapted to the flat area, and which reveal the economic power of the landowners, merchants and industrialists of the time.

The winery, owned by José Ignacio Machuca Pimentel S.L., reaches back more than 150 years. It preserves tools and machinery of great historical value, as well as a barrel that dates back almost to the winery’s foundation (1864). The cask is still in good condition and, of course, full of wine.