Art, feeling and tradition

Tablao Álvarez Quintero


The Tablao Álvarez Quintero is an authentic and original flamenco stage in Seville, located in an 18th century house at the foot of the Giralda. Its walls house great tradition and artists who convey their feelings on stage.

With a maximum capacity of 70 people, it is a comfortable and welcoming space to enjoy the best flamenco in its three aspects. The purpose of this stage is to disseminate flamenco, as well as to convey to the audience a sense of belonging to Andalusia and its essence, which is achieved through the interaction between artists and audience. This venue represents a commitment to pure flamenco that is born from the artists' improvisation, pure emotion that is conveyed to the audience through feelings, the universal language

The show lasts approximately one hour and, at the end, visitors will be able to talk to and take pictures with the flamenco singers, guitarists and dancers. In addition, price includes a flamenco dance class.


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