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San Roque Church


This Baroque temple, built by the Franciscan Order of Alcantara, was consecrated on 3 May 1624. In 1837, following the confiscation of church properties ordered by Mendizábal, the religious community abandoned the convent, taking with them the artworks they had collected over the years. Part of the former convent now belonged to the State, and was used as barracks for the Guardia Civil. Nowadays, it houses the San Roque Infant and Primary School. This beautifully humble and frugal building reminds of days gone by. Its main entrance follows the classic baroque style, with a niche holding the likeness of Saint Rocco and his faithful dog.

The temple consists of a single nave covered with a barrel vault, transept, and side chapels. The side chapels are worthy of note due to their small, simple, and austere altars, where past prominent religious figures from the Franciscan Order proudly stand, such as Saint Pascual Bailon or Saint Francis of Assisi. 

The baroque main altarpiece is attributed to Tomás Guiado, the Elder. The image of Saint Rocco, which presided over the former Shrine, is particularly interesting as it is the oldest image in the town, from the late 15th or early 16th century. The small chapel above the central altarpiece holds the image of Our Lady of Sorrows. Although it is by an unknown author, it is considered of significant heritage value and extraordinary beauty.

The Private Chapel is inside what used to be the old convent. It holds a remarkable allegorical painting of the tree of life, dated 1723. Currently, this Private Chapel is the chapter room of the Confraternity of the Holy Burial.


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