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Cervezas Mond


Cervezas Mond offers guided tours of its facilities. You can enjoy the unique experience of learning about how we brew our craft beer and what are the natural ingredients used, and tour our brewery: brewing, mashing, fermenting and bottling rooms.

Our premium craft beers are traditionally brewed in our factory in Seville, using the most modern systems and controls, thus ensuring the high quality of all our craft beers.

We produce craft beers, using only 100% natural ingredients.

At Cervezas Mond, we do not filter or pasteurise our beers. The beer is allowed to condition and evolve naturally in the bottle, creating a highly pure craft product.

Description of the tour

If you are interested in visiting, you can buy your ticket in our online shop and then send us your details using our contact form. We will organise a guided tour of our facilities that includes a tasting of our beers in the tasting and exhibition area.

During the guided tour of our brewery, you will learn about the brewing process -from milling or brewing to mashing and more. After the visit, you will enjoy a Cervezas Mond pairing experience in our tasting room, where you will pair the beer with an assortment of Iberian products and select snacks.

Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour

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Duration of the tour
90 minutos


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