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Chapel of La Virgen de la Oliva


Built in 1954 over the former chapel of the same name, it is one of the town's most important monumental buildings. It houses the image of Nuestra Señora de la Oliva, patron saint of Salteras and of all the olive growers in the province, dating from the 16th century and by an unknown author. The image was crowned in 2005. The chapel is a single-nave building, in which the most outstanding features are the belfry and the tile dedicated to the Virgin on the façade.

The historical-artistic heritage of the chapel and the Hermandad de la Virgen de la Oliva consists of a set of artworks including sculptures, paintings, embroidery, silverware, carvings, gilding and historical documentation of great value. Some of the most striking features of this heritage are a Baroque altarpiece and a Baby Jesus from the Martínez Montañés school.

Its most interesting historical curiosities include the origin of the chapel and the adjoining former hospital, now the Casa Hermandad (House of the Brotherhood), where the sick women of the region used to go to be cured. At the back of the chapel there was the famous sacred olive tree, to which they entrusted themselves and which ended up giving its name to the Virgin whose invocation was recognised by the hierarchy of the diocesan church.


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